Elon Musk – National Governors Association 2017 Summer Meeting

Elon Musk on Regulating Existential Threat of AI, Robot Killing, Autonomous Tesla Cars on Solar, A Private NASA and 39:38 and 49:20 Overvaluation of Tesla Stocks. He talked about his drive and future multi-planetary travel, the danger of Artificial Intelligence and Superintelligence, autonomous driving cars in boring tunnels. Elon Musk is the Keynote Speaker at the National Governors Association (NGA) 2017 Summer Meeting.

IoT is Core of Third Industrial Revolution, Jeremy Rifkin

The Super Internet of Things (IoT ) platform will connect New Communication, New Energy and New Transportation. It will increase the productivity dramatically and promote sharing economy.

Jeremy Rifkin will lay out a “Game plan for the future”, referring to the advent of a smart green digital economy as part of the Third Industrial Revolution. Rifkin argues that we are about to experience fundamental changes to our societies and economies, as a result of the digitization of communication, energy, and transportation. Together, a digitized communication Internet, a digitized renewable energy Internet, and a digitized automated Transportation and Logistics Internet, will create a super-Internet of Things infrastructure. This Internet of Things infrastructure will have to be scaled up and supported in order to enable the transition to a Third Industrial Revolution. Rifkin considers the European Union and China leaders in this quest for change. He highlights, in particular, the economic and social opportunities that could arise from such a transition.

A Basic Income for All: Dream or Delusion?

In Feb 2017 Davos, Harvard and London Professor Michael Sandel and Guy Standing talked about fundamental shifts in the world of work and technology are eroding traditional social safety nets. Could a universal basic income be the solution in the era of AI and automation?

– Amitabh Kant, Chief Executive Officer, NITI Aayog, India
– Neelie Kroes, Non-Executive Member of the Board, Open Data Institute, United Kingdom
– Michael Sandel, Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor of Government, Harvard University, USA
– Guy Standing, Research Professor in Development Studies, University of London, United Kingdom

Mark Zuckerberg launches AR/VR camera platform

Mark Zuckerberg : “Today in 2017 at our F8 developer conference, we’re making the camera the first augmented reality(AR) platform. We all know where we want augmented reality to get: glasses or eventually contact lenses that look and feel normal, and let you overlay all kinds of information and digital content on the real world. But in the last couple of years, we’ve started to see primitive examples of AR on phones in the camera.

For those of you who have watched us roll out cameras across all our apps and have asked what we’re doing, that was act one. Now this is act two: giving developers the power to build all kinds of AR tools into the first augmented reality platform, the camera.

We’re all about extending the physical world online. When you become friends with someone or become part of a community on Facebook, your real relationships and physical communities become stronger. AR is going to help us mix the digital and the physical in new ways, and make our physical lives better. That’s why it’s so important, and this is just the beginning.”

AI invents new knowledge and teaches human new theories

Google’s DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis shows that AI doesn’t only learn from human knowledge, but also creates new knowledge. AlphaGo has it own creativity and intuition, inventing new knowledge and strategies about Go Game for human professionals to study in 2017.

Go game was invented in ancient China more than 2,500 years ago, is an abstract strategy board game, aiming to surround more territory than the opponent for two players. It is believed to be the oldest board game continuously played today. Despite its relatively simple rules, Go is very complex, even more so than chess, and possesses more possibilities than the total number of atoms in the visible universe. Compared to chess, Go has both a larger board with more scope for play and longer games, and, on average, many more alternatives to consider per move.